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FAB is the New Pitchman for KFC!

KFC Nederland has chosen FAB Morvan (ex Milli Vanilli) to be the new face and voice for their latest ad campaign,  ‘What’s real and what isn’t.’ ( #BeReal )


More of a mini-documentary with supplemental spots for TV, web and radio, the effort takes on FAB's rise, fall and resurrection while finding his true self.


Shot in widescreen with letter box, the three minute mini-documentary has a big budget cinematic feel and also has plenty of tongue in cheek moments for balance.  It goes without saying that the payoff is actually hearing FAB Morvan's incredible singing voice.  Great voice-over too!


Sure to gain a great deal of attention for the KFC brand by going in an unexpected creative direction steered by Ogilvy & Mather Amsterdam, this is sure to be a hot topic campaign.

“The collaboration between FAB and KFC is completely in line with KFC’s ‘What’s real and what isn’t’ campaign that was launched in The Netherlands in 2015. By associating the emotional territory of ‘being real’ to the benefits of KFC products, KFC wants to trigger people to choose real.'”


Alexandra Huizer

KFC senior brand manager

FAB to Perform live this NEW Year's Eve at

Willkommen 2016

in Berlin, Germany!

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